Services Not Offered

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Licensing laws and Insurance regulations dictate what services are considered “medical” in nature vs. “non-medical”. Certain services can be performed by non-licensed providers of in-home care:

As a rule we are not able to assist with anything that involves or requires needles, knifes, razors or bio-hazards.

By way of these laws, the following services are not performed by our non-medical Caregivers:


MASSAGES: We will be happy to escort clients to a certified massage therapist or physical therapist. We cannot give massages.


Our Caregivers are NOT professional cleaners and therefore aren’t qualified to perform heavy cleaning duties like cleaning windows, scrubbing floors, scouring ovens or perform outdoor landscaping activities.

We do happily assist with tidying up common living areas, vacuuming, dusting and watering flowers, light sweeping of patios or help coordinating and oversee the activities we can’t do, using the right professional(s).

We cannot touch or dispense medications. We can only remind a client to take prescribed medications that have been properly pre-portioned in daily pill boxes by the family, nurse or Hospice.

We are not able to lift dead weight or more than 25 pounds. We DO assist clients who use walkers, wheelchairs or need standby assistance to get up.


We are a NON-MEDICAL service which means that the use of medical knives, needles, pins, pokers, etc. sharp objects or tools on or near a client is forbidden. For example, we can TALK a person through taking their blood sugar level, but can’t do any of the testing with/for the individual. They or a family member must do it themselves.


We can NOT trim nails or trim hair. We will happily help coordinate and escort the client to a licensed manicurist, podiatrist or hair salon/stylist.

SHAVING: We cannot shave any client with a razor blade. However, we can help a client shave using electric shavers.


We will only call 911 and stabilize the surroundings to avoid further injury. If staff members are CPR or First-Aide Certified, they may assist in their discretion under the Good Samaritan Act.

In the event we are not able to perform a specific task which may require different professionals outside the services StayInHome Healthcare Inc. provides, we will be happy to assist coordinating and overseeing the professionals as they come in.