What To Expect

First Day

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The first few visits (a few days to week) are often uncomfortable. Often, Home Care is a dramatic change for everyone involved.

You want to be liked and your Caregiver wants to do a really good job for you.

To help ease the (sometimes) initial awkwardness,

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Caregivers arrive to your door and introduce themselves. You’ll know they are from StayInHome Healthcare Inc. by their badge and uniform. They are there for you and will want to ask about your interests, hobbies, how you like tasks done.

2. They will review the Care Plan Book information with you.

3. They will work with you to develop a task schedule based on your normal routine.

4. They will ask you to help make a list of your food preferences. You can show them favorite recipes you would like included in your meal plans.

5. In the first week or so, they will ask permission to perform an evaluation of the Home’s Safety.

6. Your Caregiver will begin performing tasks as scheduled in your time and

Our Caregivers are trained to assist you in staying in your own home. We encourage our clients to stay as active and as involved as each is able.

Stay active, look for ways to keep involved. If you enjoy cooking but have trouble standing; sit down and do the cutting.

If you like to garden, help plan the garden and guide the staff member how to plant the seeds for you.

You will find that sharing tasks and companionship makes you very happy and gives you a sense of purpose.