Who Will Be Showing Up To Provide My Care?


Our diverse staff comes from a wide range of backgrounds and the most important characteristic about all of them is that they sincerely care about our clients and families!

We work hard to best match our clients and caregivers based both from a skill set and personality traits. If you feel that you do not have a good match or other concerns, please contact us and we’ll work to solve the problem or replace the Personal Assistant.

From time to time, staff members may need to move on to other opportunities or their schedules change. In these cases we make arrangements to have a new team member arrive, and whenever possible, to train in advance.

StayInHome Healthcare Inc. works diligently to provide the smoothest transition possible. In the unfortunate circumstance that we do not have this opportunity or if your Caregiver is sick, an alternate will be assigned to cover the normally scheduled shift.

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The StayInHome Healthcare Inc. Team
You will meet new people when StayInHome Healthcare Inc. comes to you! This is a list of our office staff and what they do. This list is in order of who you will most likely meet first. You will receive notice of changes/additions to our office staff, what they do and when you should contact them.


Victoria Gutierrez, StayInHome Healthcare Inc. founder and current COO, is in charge of marketing and growing the company while overseeing the general operations. This includes overseeing all client activities. She makes sure that everything is okay with the delivery of our care, plans and programs. If you ever have a dispute that can not be resolved, or a comment of appreciation, She always has time to talk with clients.
Office Manager

The Office Manager or Care Coordinator is most likely the first person you will talk with when you call the office. She answers the phone, takes care of billing and payroll, and makes sure the office runs smoothly just to name a few of the many tasks she’s responsible for. If you have any questions the Office Manager will probably answer them or tell you who to talk to.

Care Coordinators

Your Care Coordinator will coordinate your schedules with our Caregivers for home care services. Their job is to help ensure your care coordination and schedules are being met by
StayInHome Healthcare Inc..

The coordinator will always listen to you and do their very best to provide the care on the schedules you need. If you have any questions or problems you can talk to your

Caregivers / Care Service Providers

StayInHome Healthcare Inc. comes to you by way of our Caregivers and Certified Specialists. Your Care Coordinator will match a Caregiver to work with you and will conduct visits from time to time to ensure your care is exactly what you need, when you need it.

Caregivers will assist you in your daily living activities. They will focus on getting to know you – what you like, what things you are good at, and how you would like things done in your home. They will plan and execute household chores and fun activities to do together. If there is anything you feel you cannot do alone, your companion aide will help you.

If you are not feeling well, your Caregiver can take you to the doctor. They can also help you keep in touch with your family and friends via email,telephone,Facebook .[/section]

Care Supervisors

Our Care Supervisors help to ensure your care is first-rate and consistently delivered.
Their job is to help ensure your caregivers are providing you the very high standards StayInHome Healthcare Inc. is proud to deliver.

The Supervisor will always listen to you and do their very best to address any concerns you may have, or congratulate a caregiver for doing such a great job.

Supervisors typically make announced and unannounced visits while the caregiver is working. If you have any questions or problems you can talk to your Coordinator.

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Start and End of Shift

At the beginning of each shift, your Caregiver will ask to use your phone using a toll free 1-800 number to “Time-In” and notify us that they have arrived on time;

they will typically check the documentation log in the Care Plan for any notes from family or other staff since the last visit.

At the end of the shift, your Caregiver will make visit notes/documentation in the Care Plan Book of what activities and services that were performed during the shift and any notes for family, or other staff.

The Caregiver will then call the toll-free 1-800 number to “Time-Out”, marking the time of departure and any miles for outings that day.

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