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Victoria M. Gutierrez

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Founder and COO is in charge of Stay In Home Healthcare Services Operations, Marketing Care Plans and Programs. Victoria has certification from the Alzheimer/Dementia Association for “Saavy Caregivers :CNA, HHA, as well as an Administrators Certificate holder August 2014′

Rest assured our team has over 25 years of combined experience.

She is highly dedicated to assuring that our seniors can remain in their homes and independent with their daily lives as well as helping facilitate homecoming from illness or injury.

If you have a question that was not answered here or have a comment of appreciation.

Please call Victoria directly. She always has time for you.

Personal Cell 1(310)570-0943

About Our Services

Stay In Home Healthcare  is a loving, caring Corporation that provides services geared toward assisting elderly individuals live a safer, more fulfilling life.

Each of our available services are offered to provide support to people with age related issues and chronic disabilities.

These services are:


Hourly Care

StayInHome Healthcare  specializes in providing non-medical, in-home companion and personal care for the elderly.

We offer many in-home services including companionship, light housekeeping, laundry, meal planning and preparation, incidental transportation, errand running, and personal bathing and grooming assistance.

StayInHome Healthcare  provides personalized home care services to people of all ages, physical conditions and cognitive levels.

We specialize in quality in-home senior care, including, Personal Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, and many home care services in the home.

We offer care giving in a Hospital setting or Rehabilitation setting at Clients request.

Hourly Care (3+ Hour Visits
Each time a StayInHome Healthcare  Caregiver makes a service visits, they are planning to be there for at least the next four consecutive (3) hours, in accordance with the hours outlined in your Care Plan.

Three hours is the minimum number of hours that StayInHome Healthcare Inc. will provide services. If you wish to send your Caregiver home before the 3 hours, that is fine with StayInHome Healthcare… However, the full 3 hour minimum will be charged. Visits which last longer than 3 hours are charged only the hours as used.

For Example:

2.25 hours = 3 hour minimum charged
3.00 hours = 3 hour minimum met
3.25 hours = 3.25 hours charged
3.75 hours = 3.75 hours charged
5.00 hours = 5.00 hours charged

StayInHome Healthcare Services believes that the best in-home care experience comes by maintaining consistency of the people who visit.

As much as possible, Stay In Home Healthcare strives to keep the same Caregivers on regular and consistent schedules. However, there may be times and circumstances out of our control that require us to change the visiting assistant(s). As a result, StayInHome Healthcare Inc. is not able to guarantee 100% coverage of care 100% of the time.

Here are some tips we’ve found that help us to provide consistent care:

►If services are needed only once and a while, the chances of getting the same person are very limited. The chances of getting the same person can be increased (but still not guaranteed by increasing the advanced notice to StayInHome Healthcare.

►StayInHome Healthcare Services knows that you wouldn’t throw your loved one into the first home that has a caregiver. Just the same, we appreciate advanced notice and time to put together quality care schedules.

►Individuals who have regularly scheduled visits every week from StayInHome Healthcare
most often get the same Caregiver each and every visit.

►Keep in mind that each Caregiver has their families, schedules and lives that require coordination also.

►Last minute service requests are more about looking for who’s available at the last minute and less about finding the perfectly qualified fit of person that, given a few days, can arrange schedules to be the very best fit in your home.

Hourly Care (8-hour, 12-hour or “Around-the-Clock” 24-Hour Care)

StayInHome Healthcare offers full time care each day, from 8 hours a day to “Around- the-Clock” 24 hour care. This type of care typically is scheduled in 8 to 12 hour shifts and often requires 5 to 10 different Personal Assistants.

This type of care is billed at an hourly rate because Caregivers are awake and alert the full 24 hours. These services are most often for clients who require more assistance such as someone dealing with severe dementia or Alzheimer’s, is bed ridden, has Hospice, or gets up frequently during the night and requires assistance to do so.

Live-In Care

A “Live-In” is a Caregiver who “Lives” with a client and is available on a 24-hour basis.

A Live-In provides the appropriate level of personal care and support services for clients who need the security of another person in their homes throughout the day, but do not require constant shifts of care. “Live-Ins” provides safety and companionship under reasonable work conditions.

If a client needs a “Live-In” seven days a week, usually two to three Caregivers will serve 2-5 consecutive days each week. As much as possible, StayInHome Healthcare  strives to keep the same Caregivers on regular and consistent schedules.

However, there may be times and circumstances out of our control that require us to place different Assistant(s) in and as a result, StayInHome Healthcare is not able to guarantee 100% coverage of care 100% of the time.
Federal and State Labor laws do apply with Live-Ins and monitored closely as follows:

►Caregiver must have a private room / private quarters.To perform Live-In Services, a private room is needed for the Assistant’s belongings during the live-in days they are assigned. The room should include at least a twin size bed for the Assistant to sleep each night.

►Caregiver MUST have 6 hours of sleep, 5 of which must be uninterrupted sleep.
Your Assistant is able to get up once in the night to attend to your needs.However, if they are awakened two or more times in an evening, laws require that the Caregiver is paid hourly through the night instead of the daily rate.

►Caregivers are entitled to 3 meal hours per day and should be able to have the ability to take that time off site if they decide to do so.

►The client should be able to be left alone for at least an hour or so, should the Caregiver choose to take the break(s) outside the home.

Overnight Care

Overnight care provides the opportunity for the primary caregiver to take a break and get a good nights rest.

A Caregiver will be at your home for 8 to 12 hours throughout the night to ensure that bathroom visits, sleep walking, wandering or other activity that should be supervised to ensure health & safety.

Peace of mind is what the primary caregiver gets, knowing the care is covered while they get a solid, and often badly needed, good nights sleep.

Typically the Caregiver will read a book, watch television quietly, or some kind of quiet hobby (eg. quilt, laptop computer, etc), readily available as soon as any activity is seen or heard.

This service is basically “Senior Sitting” where the activities are often minimal and/or limited to how often the individual wakes each night and what the needs are when awake.